medium dog breeds Medium sized Dogs: for Work and PlayMedium-sized dogs are the breeds we’re most familiar with, given how many breeds occupy the size niche. From bulldogs and bull terriers to Siberian huskies and standard schnauzers, medium-sized breeds are so different in looks, body form, and temperaments that practically the only way to categorize them is through weight – meaning they have to weigh in at between 40 to 60 pounds. Many of the breeds are herding dogs and terriers, and may consider their families as a large “pack”.


As mentioned, the sheer number of breeds within the medium-size category is probably the biggest factor for their popularity. Another probable factor is that unlike small dogs, medium-sized dogs aren’t as prone to injury, and are better as “outdoor” dogs. This may be a consideration when choosing a dog for yourself, particularly if you prefer a dog that has more heft and body size, without being too big for your apartment or budget. Certain breeds are also known for being clever and intelligent, providing some people with an enjoyable and stimulating canine companionship.

Pros and Cons

Do remember the following if you are considering owning a medium-sized dog:

  • Medium-sized dogs, like small dog breeds, are very adaptable to apartment life. However, they do need more exercise than smaller dogs for their muscle tone, and will be much happier with frequent walks and excursions to parks.
  • Taking care of a medium-sized dog is definitely higher in cost than what you would shell out for a small dog, but you don’t have to worry about injuring them if they get under foot. If anything, you have to watch out sometimes, since you can end up tripping on them.
  • When traveling, you will need a special cage for medium-sized dogs, as many airlines will consider their travel cost as equal to baggage. The same concerns also apply to hotels and motels, where dogs beyond a certain size are not allowed. Many hotels normally do not allow dogs weighing more than 30 pounds to stay with you in your room. You may need to find separate accommodations for your dog, in such a case.
  • Depending on the breed, medium-sized dogs interact well with children, and can be very protective.
  • Given that some medium-sized dogs have very sturdy bodies, they can be perfect for rough-and-tumble play. That’s perfect for families with many children, or who have hyperactive children. It’s a good idea to check on the breed if it is friendly to children, too.
  • Many medium-sized dogs are prone to the habit of digging. If you have a garden or yard, check the perimeter regularly, as the excavations can go beyond your property, and into the next.
  • Herding dogs have the instinct to take command over children and other smaller pets. This may become an issue if their aggressive side comes out as well.


Temperament is as varied as there are dog breeds in this size category. Do expect, however, that they will require more attention and trips outside, not only for walks but also for playing in an open area, if it’s allowed. This will benefit not only their physical bodies, but their mental health as well.

Many medium-sized dogs need mental stimulation to fight against boredom and listlessness. If you don’t have time to walk them and play with them so much, then do make sure that you have a dog walker who can take care of those activities when you’re too busy.

Life Expectancy

In general, the life expectancy of a medium-sized dog is all highly variable and dependent on the dog’s breed. However, physical exercise and diet are very important to them. Also, do research on the breed to find out what health concerns they are susceptible to, so that you can prepare for the cots in advance. Medium-sized dogs can live an average of ten to twelve years, with some reaching up to 14 years.

Is this kind of dog for you?

Medium-sized dogs are for people with a more active lifestyle even though they may have smaller houses or apartments. They are also good companions for those who like to explore the city, as a medium-sized dog will not look threatening to most people. If properly trained, they are perfect walking or even hiking partners. However, do be aware that not very many shops and malls will allow larger breeds in the medium-sized range in their premises. Many medium-sized dogs can mix well with other dogs, and are perfect if you prefer to socialize with other dog lovers and their dogs during the weekends.